The Services

We offer a wide array for services that include the following.

ASC 740 (FAS 109 and FIN 48) Tax Provision Services

If your company is like most, then the most dreaded part of the year-end audit is the preparation of the tax provision. Even worse, some companies must repeat this process on a quarterly basis. The provision process requires a strong working knowledge of both accounting and tax law.
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Income and Franchise Tax Compliance Services

Let’s face it – tax jurisdictions are desperate for money these days.  As tax jurisdictions continue to search for revenue from all sources, the income and franchise tax compliance process has become increasingly difficult.  The combination of ever-changing laws and enhanced penalties for failure to meet those laws has forced companies to place a greater emphasis on the compliance process.
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Income and Franchise Tax Consulting Services

J&G offers a variety of income and franchise tax consulting services.  These service lines include:

– Merger and Acquisition Tax Services
– Net Operating Loss Utilization Tax Consulting Services
– Bankruptcy and Troubled Debt Tax Consulting Services
– State and Local Tax Planning Services
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