Income and Franchise Tax Consulting Services

Merger and Acquisition Tax Services
Johnson & Garrison provide a full suite of Merger & Acquisition Tax Services for all stages in the life cycle of a deal.  We have experience working with both buyers and sellers, assisting with deal structuring, tax due diligence and post-acquisition integration.

Net Operating Loss Utilization Tax Consulting Services
For companies that have a recent history of operating losses or that have acquired corporations with loss carry forwards, these attributes can have significant future value.  However, the Internal Revenue Code and underlying regulations (as well as state statutes) provide rules that may limit the ability of a corporation to utilize these losses. Johnson & Garrison can provide experienced support to corporations with net operating losses to help our clients to preserve and maximize the utilization of favorable tax attributes, such as net operating losses and tax credits.

Bankruptcy and Troubled Debt Tax Consulting Services
Changing market forces and unanticipated financial challenges may require any organization to rework its financial structure or possibly to seek bankruptcy protection. Johnson & Garrison can provide corporations in financial difficulty with the experienced support. We know the tax issues and we have assisted companies through restructurings many times before. Specifically, we help our clients identify ways to avoid outlays of cash for taxes and we help them bring value to the debtor corporation by preserving favorable tax attributes, such as net operating losses and tax basis in its assets.

State and Local Tax Planning Services
State and local tax laws are constantly changing as states respond to budgetary impacts of the economy. States are more aggressive and state tax laws are becoming more and more complicated.  Johnson & Garrison works with companies to help them minimize their state and local tax burden.
Our services include:

  • Multi-state income tax planning
  • Apportionment and allocation review
  • Identifying state tax compliance requirements (Nexus Studies)
  • State tax audit management and defense

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